About us

Welcome to nowsafari.com – Your Gateway to Extraordinary Safari Adventures!

At nowsafari.com, we pride ourselves on being the premier safari operator based in the breathtaking archipelago of Zanzibar. With a passion for wildlife, a commitment to conservation, and a dedication to delivering unparalleled safari experiences, nowsafari.com is your trusted partner for exploring the wonders of Tanzania’s diverse landscapes.

Our Vision & Commitment

We strife to create transformative safari experiences that connect people with the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. We believe that through responsible tourism, we can contribute to the preservation of wildlife and the empowerment of local communities.

Meet Our CEO – Maurice Schoonvelde

Guiding nowsafari.com with a wealth of experience and a profound love for Africa’s wildlife is our CEO, Maurice Schoonvelde. With a deep understanding of the region and a commitment to sustainable tourism, Maurice leads our team in curating unforgettable safari adventures that leave a positive impact on both travelers and the environment.

Why Choose NowSafari.com?

  • Expertise: Our team comprises experienced guides, naturalists, and travel experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for the Tanzanian wilderness
  • Conservation Commitment; nowsafari.com is dedicated to responsible and sustainable tourism – we actively contribute to conservation efforts and work closely with local communities to promote environmental sustainablilty
  • We partner with the best value-for-money lodges and camps to provide you with an exciting safari experience
A map of eastern Tanzania with Africa Safari Lodges (Paradise & Wilderness group)

A map of Unguja with the locations of Hotel Zanzibar accommodations

nowsafari.com is affiliated with the following brands:

Africa Safari

Africa Safari is a specialist in planning fully-serviced safari holidays and runs its own lodges close to popular National Parks. Each of our lodges has distinctive features and is incorporated into the local environment and culture.

Hotel Zanzibar

Five beach hotels & resorts, a boutique lodge in Stone Town and a private island form the Hotel Zanzibar company – specialized in Zanzibar archipelago beach, cultural and adventure tourism.

Paradise & Wilderness

One of the top tourism, accommodation, and safari businesses in Tanzania and Zanzibar is the Dutch family-owned Paradise and Wilderness group. The organisation’s vision is to help Tanzania’s local population by helping to create work opportunities.

Paradise & Wilderness Foundation

The Paradise & Wilderness Foundation was created with the vision of giving back to local communities through projects in the education sector, the hospitality industry and environmental conservation.